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Learn. Create. Succeed.

Orion believes all learners deserve a quality education, regardless of their background. We view each learner as an individual and tailor education around their strengths and build on their weaknesses.

  • Flexible Learning - Learners take a maximum of two courses at any time, and each course is two months long. We elimiate unnecessary time spent on coursework to ensure learners receive the most from their courses.
  • Simple Tuition - Orion offers simple tuition options depending on your program. We have a simple annual tuition option, or a monthly option for full-time learners, and simple rates for credit-transfer, RenewU, and our other programs.
  • Ease of Access - Orion's courses are mobile compatible!  Learners can access course content, view it offline, and then log back in to upload assignments, participate in discussion, and manage all other work.  Learners who are proficient in creating content on mobile deviices, can do so via the mobile device!
  • Credit Transfer and Summer School - Orion's flexibility allows public school students to take courses at Orion, and to have the credit seamlessly transfer to their public school.  This can be done anytime!  Public School students can attend Orion in June and July to catch up on credit or to advance in credit!  At the end of July, Orion transfers credits over to the student's public school.  Easy, fast, convenient!

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Orion High School Offers New Option for Adult Learning!


Orion High School was opened on the principle that all learners, regardless of their past educational experience, deserve a quality education. With recent changes in federal regulations, federal financial aid is available to college students with a high school diploma from regionally accredited schools. These regulations do not prevent an adult learner from being accepted into a college, but does mean they are ineligible to receive federal aid. Nonetheless, Orion High School has always offered an accredited high school diploma to adults on a 22 credit program, yet a population of adults face the issue of finding time to dedicate to Orion's current method of delivering education to learners while managing their full-time jobs and supporting their families. 

As the nation's leader in online learning, Orion High School has innovated a new way for adults to complete coursework through a series of self-paced courses and proctored examination. Orion High School has emphasized literacy and elementary algebra in the selected coursework - a key to succeeding in further studies at a technical or community college or university. Coursework completed by adult learners will reintroduce and reinforce grammar and writing skills as well as early algebra and finance to graduate college-ready learners. 

Launching from Orion High School's Headquarters in Midland, Texas, 10 local adults have seized the opportunity to "test drive" Orion's new program. In efforts to test two methods of delivering the self-paced coursework, 5 participants were provided blue, branded USB wristbands while the other 5 participants were provided a preloaded, secured iPad. Learners will have access to independently study and self-pace themselves in accordance with their individualized graduation plan that is preloaded on their device. After completing a sufficient amount of coursework, learners will report to the proctored testing center at Orion's Headquarters office to complete an examination over the coursework. At completion of 22 high school credits - with a minimum of 4 credits required to be completed at Orion High School in accordance with Orion's SACS accreditation - the learner will graduate with an accredited high school diploma. 

After the first trial in Midland, Texas, Orion intends to possibly expand the program into El Paso, Texas, Austin, Texas, and/or Houston, Texas, with the help of community partners to provide an appropriate space to offer weekly proctored exams. If you or someone you know is interested in completing their high school diploma or sponsoring this program, please contact Dr. Joseph Gallegos at 877-647-1337. 


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