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Learn. Create. Succeed.

Orion believes all learners deserve a quality education, regardless of their background. We view each learner as an individual and tailor education around their strengths and build on their weaknesses.

  • Flexible Learning - Learners take a maximum of two courses at any time, and each course is two months long. We elimiate unnecessary time spent on coursework to ensure learners receive the most from their courses.
  • Simple Tuition - Orion offers simple tuition options depending on your program. We have a simple annual tuition option, or a monthly option for full-time learners, and simple rates for credit-transfer, RenewU, and our other programs.
  • Ease of Access - Orion's courses are mobile compatible!  Learners can access course content, view it offline, and then log back in to upload assignments, participate in discussion, and manage all other work.  Learners who are proficient in creating content on mobile deviices, can do so via the mobile device!
  • Credit Transfer and Summer School - Orion's flexibility allows public school students to take courses at Orion, and to have the credit seamlessly transfer to their public school.  This can be done anytime!  Public School students can attend Orion in June and July to catch up on credit or to advance in credit!  At the end of July, Orion transfers credits over to the student's public school.  Easy, fast, convenient!

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Celebrating Commencement at the Beautiful Campus of Alcorn State University


Join us live on Saturday, August 1 at 2:00 PM, a the beautiful campus of Alcorn State University, for our Mississippi Commencement.  This year's ceremony, is hosted by Alcorn State University, and is the third in as many years.  Orion has partnered with Southern Dreams Mentoring Program of Mississippi.  Mr. Melvin Anderson's Southern Dreams has a longstanding partnership with Orion High School, with the aligned goal of ensuring that successful high school graduates become successful citizens of the global community.

Alcorn 2014 Article

At this year's ceremony, we celebrate along with other graduates from Southern Dreams.  Our learner graduate speaker will be Karon Patten, who will be the first Mississippi Graduate in Orion's Early Graduation Program.  This new program is aimed at helping young people finish the Senior Year in three short months (usually during the summer months), and gets them on to college! 


Orion High School's graduates earn their diploma upon completion of the 26 credits.  Since January 2014, learners entering Orion High School are required to complete a Senior Project, which is a two-month intensive, guided project, which is aimed at social responsibility.  Orion issues diplomas on the 1st day of each month, which coincides with a learner's successful completion of the Diploma Eligibility Requirements at the school.  This year also marks the 5th year where honors graduates have been named, to represent the classes.  Joshua Manning (pictured above) earned the Valedictorian award, with a grade point aver

age of 4.15 (weighted).  Joshua is from Suffolk, Virginia.  Joining Joshua as co-valedictorian, with the exact grade point average, is William Kiimbrough (pictured above, at the far left).  William also completed a Senior Project as part of his requirements.  Gerardo Vazquez (pictured above, middle) earned the Salutatorian award for the graduating class.  Gerardo is from Midland, Texas, and graduated with a 4.09 (weighted) grade point average.


Participation in the commencement ceremony is voluntary, and many of Orion's earlier graduates have already entered into post-secondary schools across the Nation.  The hometown ceremony is sponsored by the Warrior Chapter of the National Honor Society.  The graduates' regalia represent the school colors of navy blue and old gold.  Honor chords are worn by learners who have represented Orion's highest academic standing, and the honor stole is worn by National Honor Society Members.  Learner graduates who are eligible at the time of graduation will be inducted into the National Honor Society at the beginning of the hometown ceremony.


The ceremony will stream live on the OrionHS UStream Channel.  Mobile device users must download the UStream application, then may search for the OrionHS Channel.  Other users may join here, on he home page, or may access UStream on other devices, and then locate the OrionHS Channel from those devices.

The Graduate Now! Program for Mississippi

If you attended the graduation ceremony at Alcorn State University, today, you heard Dr. Joseph Gallegos announce the I AM READY! to Graduate Now! program, which is specifically designed for Mississippi adults who have not yet completed high school.  This program is a four month program that ends in the earning of the high school diploma!  The tuition for this program is normally 500.00; however, if you are in Mississippi, and you apply before August 3, your total tuition is 200.00! 


As an Orion learner, you will need to have a reliable computer, laptop, or mobile device to attend your courses, along with reliable Internet access.  We will provide orientation for you, and then you are off and running. Click below to Apply TODAY!



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