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Learn. Create. Succeed.

Orion believes all learners deserve a quality education, regardless of their background. We view each learner as an individual and tailor education around their strengths and build on their weaknesses.

  • Flexible Learning - Learners take a maximum of two courses at any time, and each course is two months long. We elimiate unnecessary time spent on coursework to ensure learners receive the most from their courses.
  • Simple Tuition - Orion offers simple tuition options depending on your program. We have a simple annual tuition option, or a monthly option for full-time learners, and simple rates for credit-transfer, RenewU, and our other programs.
  • Ease of Access - Orion's courses are mobile compatible!  Learners can access course content, view it offline, and then log back in to upload assignments, participate in discussion, and manage all other work.  Learners who are proficient in creating content on mobile deviices, can do so via the mobile device!
  • Credit Transfer and Summer School - Orion's flexibility allows public school students to take courses at Orion, and to have the credit seamlessly transfer to their public school.  This can be done anytime!  Public School students can attend Orion in June and July to catch up on credit or to advance in credit!  At the end of July, Orion transfers credits over to the student's public school.  Easy, fast, convenient!

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Mobility Adds More Flexibility

Did you know that Orion's courses are mobile compatible?  Orion's revision of courses has included both HTML5 compatibility as well as mobile friendly modules for courses.  Courses are either created with the Articulate Storyline App (see below for download information), or with the iSpring App (see below for download information).  Either of these two apps allow for learners to download the course modules.  What is the benefit of downloading course modules?  The biggest benefit is that once downloaded, course modules can be viewed offline!  If there are assessments or quizzes in the module, the quizzes can be completed offline, and then will update to the course room, once the learner is back online.

The third application that must be downloaded, is Orion's TeamViewer meeting application (see download information below). TeamViewer is used for weekly meetings with the mentor, and the application can use either voice over IP, through the user's microphone, or the user can call in to the mentor and follow along with the meeting.  The only difference between having a mobile meeting versus having a meeting via the laptop or desktop, is that the mentor cannot hand over screen share to the learner.  That's a very minor problem.  The solution:  Upload your assignment/presentation into your homework folder, and your mentor will pull it up on screen share, and you can still present!  That's a great solution to a minor issue.

Mobility Preview:


Mobility Preview Gallery





Read more: Making the Most Out of Mobility

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