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Learn. Create. Succeed.

Orion believes all learners deserve a quality education, regardless of their background. We view each learner as an individual and tailor education around their strengths and build on their weaknesses.

  • Flexible Learning - Learners take a maximum of two courses at any time, and each course is two months long. We elimiate unnecessary time spent on coursework to ensure learners receive the most from their courses.
  • Simple Tuition - Orion offers simple tuition options depending on your program. We have a simple annual tuition option, or a monthly option for full-time learners, and simple rates for credit-transfer, RenewU, and our other programs.
  • Ease of Access - Orion's courses are mobile compatible!  Learners can access course content, view it offline, and then log back in to upload assignments, participate in discussion, and manage all other work.  Learners who are proficient in creating content on mobile deviices, can do so via the mobile device!
  • Credit Transfer and Summer School - Orion's flexibility allows public school students to take courses at Orion, and to have the credit seamlessly transfer to their public school.  This can be done anytime!  Public School students can attend Orion in June and July to catch up on credit or to advance in credit!  At the end of July, Orion transfers credits over to the student's public school.  Easy, fast, convenient!

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Latest News See What's Happening at OrioN

Accessibility and Mobility for Mississippi Adults

Orion High School announces the Wristband Graduation Program, a graduation program that specifically targets adults in Mississippi (during August-October), and then seeks to expand to other states.  The project offers mobility and accessibility for adults, as they work to earn their high school diploma.

Orion High School is one of the first digital schools in the country to acquire accreditation through Advanced Education, the parent company of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools; and, Orion's most advanced courses, College Board AP, are approved by the College Board.

wristband project article picture

Over the years, Orion has created pathways for adults, and others, who are not necessarily connected to the Internet, to be able to adhere to Orion’s policies regarding Authenticity of Student Work, as well as Orion’s Diploma Eligibility Policies. To that end, we have created the Orion Wristband Connect Project, which is available for adults, ages twenty-five and older, living in the state of Mississippi.  Orion's test state during August/September will be in Mississippi, and we will extend based on our internal data collection.


Why Adults and Why Mississippi?


Busy adults (and others) are not necessarily able to log in throughout the day to be able to access their coursework. In the digital age, course work must be accessible, beyond connecting to the Internet, and through the Orion Wristband Connect Project, we have made it possible for learners to stay ‘disconnected’ while still being able to access their coursework. Through the Orion Wristband Connect Project, learners receive a data wristband that is pre-loaded with their courses. Orion saw the need to be able to provide a disconnected version of courses because of both the feasibility of the wristbands as well as the ease of using the wristband as an accessory so that the learner does not lose the wristband (like other jump drives). The wristband is simply a jump drive that is shaped into a mobile wristband that can be worn by the user.


The user receives the wristband, fully loaded with all required courses. The user also receives a step by step guide to opening and using the wristband. The learner receives a graduation planner that guides him or her on exactly which courses must be taken.  The wristband arrives in the mail, and the user connects the wristband via a USB, without the need to be connected to the Internet.

Read more: The Orion HS Wristband Graduation Project

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